Talk About Recycling

We're all for re-using, re-claiming, re-purposing and recycling.  We have a great client who has been renovating her 19th century Brooklyn home for over a year now.  She first came to us for a live edge Walnut slab headboard with built-in side tables.  While working on her headboard, she asked us about flooring. Her idea was to use salvaged white pine sub-flooring from the house as main flooring and supplement with other white pine boards where needed.  Sounded great to us and we had just the white pine to mill for her, our old growth white pine from Second Avenue (see reclaimed wood page for background info).  The white pine, like so many Manhattanites, was about to make the exodus to Brooklyn.

Sometimes good ideas need a little tweaking, a bit of creativity.  Turns out that the usable amount of sub flooring was less than originally thought and it was too thin.  Not too thin for sub flooring but too thin for main flooring that would see a lot of foot traffic.  We offered to mill as much of our Second Avenue pine as needed and we'd take the sub flooring.  A workable idea for all of us. 

The sub flooring sat in our workshop for weeks, all 101 boards. They sat on dollies in a corner of the shop looking a little worse for wear until we ran them through the planer, but we knew we'd have an opportunity to use them.

Enter one slick, fast-talking midtown Manhattan gym owner with a short lead-time, and budget- challenging reno project. One of the things he wanted was reclaimed wood wall paneling.  And we had just the right stuff.  So we cleaned those boards up, white and gray washed some and left others unstained and got to work.  If we do say so ourselves, the subflooring which turned into wall paneling looks pretty great.

Meanwhile, we were able to provide our Brooklyn homeowner with beautiful period flooring that just needed some TLC.  In our book, the results are beautiful all around.


So whether you need custom paneling or flooring, give us call.  We may even feature your project on our blog.

We're Back!

Not that we ever left, but after almost two months of incredible challenges, it finally feels like we're back to what we do best.  Life has been busy, and it's getting busier, but it beats the alternative!

The Rescue Team

These fine gentlemen all took time out of their busy lives to come and help us yesterday.  They worked long and hard and for free.  Who does that?!? 


Thanks to them, an onerous task was less so. 


First Post-Fire Delivery of Pre-Fire Commissioned Work

This beautiful table top had already been finished when the fire at 222 Lake Ave. struck. It survived the ordeal and only needed some refinishing and it's legs.  All this was done in the pop-up workshop and without our usual array of tools and equipment.  We've never stopped working during this time.  We've just needed resourcefulness and ingenuity. While we've had to adjust completion schedules, we've not had to stop work on existing projects, nor have we turned away new ones.


Day 6 - Women Are Wonderful

We've had some terrific people helping us this past week. The majority have been men but today we had not one but two fabulous women lending their talents at the shop.

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, our hats off to artist Katherine Kisa and interior designer, Akhira Ismail, colleagues and friends who took time out on a frigid Saturday to help out.  Merci, Grazie, Danke, Kiitos, Arigato, Spasibo, Gracias and plain ole THANK YOU.

NYCitySlab ABP

A bit dramatic (All Points Bulletin) we know, but sometimes that is what it takes to get the job done. 

So here's the scoop:  On Monday, March 6, the Yonkers Fire Department is generously allowing us two hours to get some of our equipment out of the old shop.  Two hours is not a lot of time and as many of you know, our equipment is not for the faint-hearted.

We're sending out a call to our friends, friends of friends, family, people who follow us on social media, clients, almost-clients, people who met us at the Flea, etc.

If you can spare the time, come help us get our stuff out of our old shop.  We are eternally grateful for the encouragement and support we receive from all of you. 

  • Monday, March 6, 2017, 10AM to 12PM
  • 222 Lake Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701

Day 6 - It's About Reconnecting

On this particularly cold Saturday, it's a "no rest for the weary" day.  It's amazing on how little sleep one can go on.

So we're forging ahead.  The electricity and heat are on in the new shop.  We'll be placing these beauties in strategic spots on the floor and they'll be connected asap. 


This is just what we need to get crankin' .


Hello gorgeous!  Good to see you again. 

Day 5

We're so excited to be planning a full-fledged Showroom in the new shop.

Just some of the work we've been doing lately. 


Removed a wall to make the room bigger.


Definitely needs another color.