s l a b s  :  m a p l e

Maple (Acer spp.)    

Tree:  Maples can reach heights of 120 ft. with diameters of 3 ft.
Wood:  Sapwood is commonly white with a slight reddish-brown tinge; the heartwood is light reddish brown, but can be considerably darker.  The sapwood is from 3 to 5+ inches thick.
Working Properties:  Maple wood turns well but is harder to work than soft woods.  It stains and polishes well.
Uses:  Lumber, distillation, veneer, crossties, paper pulp, flooring, furniture, handles, woodenware, bowling alleys, dance floors, piano frames, cutting blocks and turnery.

s l a b    i n v e n t o r y

Milled Date: July 2013
Approx Size: 10'L x 20-36"W x 2"D
Provenance:  Westchester, NY
Yielded Slabs: 8
Description: Spalted Sugar Maple with rich color and subtle live edge.
Catalog #MP_2


Milled Date: July 2013
Approx Size: 5'L x 32"W x 2"D
Provenance:  Westchester, NY
Description: This is a gorgeous spalted Japanese Maple with great grain and character. It would make a beautiful table.
Catalog #MP_1

As of January 2016, we have milled and added new Maple logs to our list

Milled Date: August 2013
Approx Size: 7'L x 30-41"W x 2"D
Provenance: Weschester, NY
Description: Beautiful spalted Maple crotch with varying dark hues.
Catalog #MP_3

Date Sourced:  09/2013
Milled Date:   11/29/2015
Provenance:   N/A 
Approx Size:  7'L x 38"W
Description:   Spalted Sugar Maple with beautiful grain.
Yielded Slabs: 6
Catalog #MP_4

Date Sourced:  10/2015
Milled Date:   11/2015
Provenance:   Westchester, NY
Approx Size:  14'L x 40'W
Description:   Rich color, great grain and knots
Yielded Slabs: 6
Catalog #MP_5

Date Sourced:  03/2013
Milled Date:   12/2015
Provenance:   N/A
Approx Size:  10'L x 38"W
Description:  Warm color, great grain
Yielded Slabs: 8
Catalog #MP_6

Date Sourced:  
Milled Date:   
Approx Size:  14'L x 28"W
Description: Sugar Maple
Yielded Slabs: 8
Catalog #SMP_1

Date Sourced:  
Milled Date:   
Approx Size:  12'L x 23"W
Description:  Sugar Maple
Yielded Slabs: 8
Catalog #SMP_2