Where and how do you source your wood?

We source our wood 20-50 miles from NYC and deal exclusively in northeastern hardwoods.  We have forged relationships with various tree cutters and they bring us trees that have had to come down for a variety of reasons, i.e., diseases, storms, danger to homes, etc.  The trees are brought to our yard in Hartsdale, NY where we mill, dry and stack them.

Do you cut trees down yourselves?

No, we do not cut trees down.

How many types of wood do you have?

We work with about 25 different species of wood.

Do you sell just the slabs?

Yes, we do sell raw slabs.

What is the price of your slabs?

Pricing of slabs depends on the type of wood and the dimensions of the slab.  Please note that we sell our slabs in their full lengths.  Once purchased, we can mill to your specifications.

Can I choose a slab?

Yes, we encourage customers to make an appointment to visit the yard in Hartsdale, NY and choose the slab(s) they'd like for their project.

Do you custom make furniture?

Yes, we custom make all our furniture.  We do all the wood and metal work in our Yonkers workshop.

I see on your website that you offer DIY.  How much does it cost? Can I make I make a king-sized platform bed with a live edge headboard and metal storage underneath in one day?  Can you deliver it that night free of charge?  I live in Trenton, NJ.  Can I do DIY on my old furniture using your facilities and equipment?

Whoa there, friends.  Yes, we do have a DIY program in which you can take part in the making of your piece. Obviously, a bed as described above cannot be completed in one day but you can certainly make a pretty cool table or desk top.  We can deliver but not free of charge. and no, you cannot do DIY on your old furniture using our facilities and equipment.  For more information on DIY and how it works, please email us at info@nycityslab.com.

Do you make legs?  How much are they?

We do make legs and pricing depends on the type of legs/base chosen and the dimensions.  You can see some of what we make on the metal fabrication page on our website.

How much is a Walnut slab?

Our prices are calculated based on wood species and dimensions of each slab. 

What is the turnaround time for a custom piece?

Our standard turnaround time for custom pieces is 8-10 weeks, 12-14 weeks for larger pieces.

Do you deliver?  Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can deliver and ship in the U.S.  Currently we do not ship internationally.  Please contact us at info@nycityslab.com for more information.

Do you have a store?

We don't have a brick and mortar store but are in the process of setting up a showroom in our new Yonkers workshop. Please see "contact us" on this website for more information.  You can also call us or email us at info@nycityslab.com to place an order.