The Showroom Shoppe - Creations made by hand, of all sorts, from our impressive wood and metal shop. 

90.00 115.00

This oak stump is squared off and screened with gold metal leaf. It makes for a wonderful accent piece that is not only stunning, but sourced from New York trees, and made right here in New York. 

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Flare Coffee Table

Stunning flare coffee table made from Pin Oak.   Debarked and sanded by hand, this 49 x 45 table makes quite an impression.

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Spalted Maple Keepsake Box

Spalted maple is a fascinating thing, for the fact that sugary wood species like maple are vulnerable to a particular fungus that creates one-of-a-kind variations and colorations in the already beautiful maple. Order this unique keepsake box while still available. 

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Beckett Lounge Bench
1,280.00 1,650.00

This is truly a stunning lounge bench, made of locally grown and milled ash wood, contemporary design, suitable for all types of settings. Thermally modified outside versions are available, with upholstery options. 

OD: 17" H x 54" W x 2-1/2" D

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Didius II
1,458.00 2,800.00

This Moser inspired recliner chair has a brass rod adjustability for its incline, upholstery is premium black leather. One-of-a-kind, get it while it lasts!

OD: 41" H x 29" W

20" D Seat

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Cardinal Bench
1,588.00 1,850.00

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, our Cardinal Bench is made of premium ash wood that has been ingeniously thermally modified, as to make it perfect for the outdoors if desired, with no chemical treatment of any kind. The finish is quite sophisticated, and the piece itself will last a lifetime. Shown with pin legs, but please inquire about custom options. 

GENERAL DIMENSIONS: 58" L x 32" W x 2" D

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End Table Cube

These great cubes can be combined to create larger tables or used separately as end tables or seats. Each cube has been finished by hand and sealed with over ten coats of our special house blend oil (also for sale). The cube is a solid block of wood from a tree trunk, and you should expect some movement in the wood as it ages and gains texture and character.

The pictured cube is Elm, and is also available in many Northeast varieties of wood (Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Ash, Hickory etc).

All our products are made from local NYC trees, rescued by NYCitySlab.

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Atohi Mirror
2,500.00 3,200.00

This tall full length mirror has a beautiful undulating black walnut frame. The mirror glass is premium great, and the design not only allows for an exceptional viewing area, but a construction and finish that is beyond stunning. 

GENERAL DIMENSIONS: 84" H x 32" W x 1-1/2" D


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Machinist Stool
248.90 280.00

This machinist stool has lots of character, welded in our shop it is reminiscent of the machinist stool of yesteryear, Stubbed rubber feet make for a fine piece of conversation-piece furniture. The seat is distressed, with stain on solid American hardwood, with a slight concavity. 

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Cherry Coffee Table

We mill our own wood and this table is one of two featured in the shop that we milled a couple of years back.  The Cherry has beautiful grain and a deep, rich color.  At 35 1/4" long, it is small enough to fit in a NYC apartment.  The mid-century hairpin legs give it a streamlined look and it is perfect for anyone who does not like too much "busyness" in their furniture.

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Be part of the crew! t-shirts.  Made of 100% heavy cotton and available in white w/black logo, black w/red logo, black w/white logo and red w/black logo. Sizes Small - 2X-Large.  Get yours today!

Only $14.99 + shipping and handling

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Display Block

Solid oak display block. Bold and impressive. 

OD: 24 x 24 x 4

Carrera Mirror

American naturalist style frame, made from solid mahogany. Side of frame is chamfered in a shallow cove, sweeping toward the back. Clear premium mirror at center. Hanging device is steel wire. 

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Kenner Stool
280.00 440.00

Naturalist meets blacksmith in this bold stool design, with a weighty seat and curved wooden back. Made by hand in Yonkers, NY. This design is sure stand out and last a lifetime, 

STYLE/TYPE: Naturalist 

GENERAL DIMENSIONS: 34" H x 16" W x 9-1/2" (@ seat) D


WOOD STAIN: None, Naturally Sealed American Black Walnut 


MATERIALS: American reclaimed pine, premium rounded square, steel tubes, along with 1/4" steel plating.  


Outdoor Redwood Table

This outdoor redwood table is truly a wonderful piece, for the very fact that it has no chemicals, dyes, or sealer of any kind. Made from the recycled water tanks of NYC, this precious redwood not only has great history, its wood has a character that is so beautiful. This beautifulness can be seen in the depth of its smokey cracks, created by decades of city life. In terms of color, the red will fade with time to a lovely grey. 


STYLE/TYPE: Outdoorsman  

GENERAL DIMENSIONS: 34" H x 24" W x 120" L





MATERIALS: Reclaimed water tank redwood 


Ash Business Card Holder
5.00 8.00

Low profile, sturdy, and efficient. This ash wood business card holder is sealed with natural finish, and does its intended job, which is to display your business cards. It also serves as a nice chunk that shows you the quality of our hardwood. 

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New YorkCitySlab T-shirts

Be one of the team! New YorkCitySlab t-shirts - Available in black w/green logo, hunter green w/white logo, hunter green w/gray logo and white with dark green logo.  Sizes Small - 2X-large.  Own a piece of the little company with big dreams!

Only $14.99 ea. plus shipping and handling

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