s p e c i a l   p r o j e c t s


This page is dedicated to the landmarks, parks, municipalities, historical buildings and other locations where we can source trees. We are very lucky to have lots of great partners on these projects because it does require a lot of leg work.  Please check back frequently, you never know when our next sourcing project will occur and it might just produce material for your next project. 

New York City, the Army Corp of Engineers, local tree cutters and other contractors collected the trees felled by Super Storm Sandy. We welded our mill tracks on site, hand picked all the logs we wanted and milled as many logs as possible during a 60 day period on site.  This project became the essence of our business model; salvaging and recycling  New York City and regional trees into lumber to craft our furniture made available to you.

On Site Milling at Floyd Bennett Field. We Harvested 5 Truck Loads of Sandy Wood. Many Slabs for you to work with.

Lower Eastside Water Front Park Trees

LES.  Lower East Side Waterfront Park trees. 480 trees had to be removed from the parks due to weakened root systems from Super Storm Sandy water overflow.  Once again we had the privilege of saving trees and yes, we are also the exclusive recycler of the LES trees - a distinction we are very proud of.  To date, we have milled most of these logs.