s l a b s  :  w h i t e   o a k

White Oak (Quercus Michauxii)   

Tree:  Oak can reach a height of 125 ft. with large diameters.  
Wood:  Sapwood is white to very light brown while the heartwood is light to dark brown. Oak wood has a course texture; it is heavy, straight-grained, hard, tough, strong and very stiff.  
Working Properties:  Has good working properties.  It machines and glues well and holds fasteners extremely well.
Uses:  Ships, railroad crossties, timber bridges, tannin dyes, fuel wood, flooring, furniture, veneer, plywood, barrels, kegs and casks, pallets and paneling.

s l a b    i n v e n t o r y

Approx Size: Burl: 8" tall x 50" diameter
Provenance:  New Rochelle, NY
Description: We saved this spectacular burl from a firewood pile.
Catalog #WO_2

Milled Date: 8/19/2014
Approx Size: 6'L x 30"W x 2"D
Provenance:  Harrison Middle School, NY
Yielded Slabs: 9
Description: This amazing piece of wood is a branch from a 200 year old tree.
Catalog #WO_1


As of January 2016, we have milled and added new White Oak logs to our list

Date Sourced:  11/2015
Milled Date:  12/21/2015
Provenance:  Westchester, NY
Approx Size: 9'L x 40"W
Description: Stunning, pronounced grain and warm color
Yielded Slabs:  12
Catalog #WO_3  


Date Sourced:  10/2016
Milled Date:  10/2015
Provenance:  Harrison, NY
Approx Size:  17'L x 29"W
Description:  Beautiful, straight grain with crotch at top
Yielded Slabs:  8
Catalog #WO_4




Date Sourced:  08/2014
Milled Date:  08/2016
Provenance:  Harrison Middle School, NY
Approx Size:  13'L x 42"W
Description:  200 year old tree, big crotch
Yielded Slabs:  12
Catalog #WO_5