NYCitySlab - Purveyors of Rare, Native Lumber, and Live Edge Slab Furniture

Robert Rising (the "BlackLumberjack") is a vegetarian who mills his own grains, while also being proficient in antique restoration. In 2004, he set out to build his own house out of local wood.  After a successful but difficult search, he decided to continue on, and help others to find quality, local NYC wood.

"And many strokes though with a little axe, hew down and fell the hardest-timbered oak."  - William Shakespeare

NYCitySlab, a company operated and run by Robert Rising, is dedicated to saving fallen trees and rescuing and recycling beautiful slabs from prevalent destruction and waste, transforming every last piece into works of masterful craftsmanship and function for any home or custom designed project. We welcome quote requests, consumer, residential design or hospitality/commercial. 

Designers and Fabricators | Purveyor of Locally-Sourced Native Materials


SLABS: Milling six days a week with over 300,000 board feet of material and 30,000 of that being Walnut (and growing), allows for quite a selection to choose from. Single or sets of slabs cut from trees that come from NYC and beyond. We document and save these trees so that they can be re-purposed for our wonderful customers and design community, and at the same time looking out for our evnviornment.  We have lots of beautiful  black walnut!

We sell quality raw materials, hand-picked by the BlackLumberjack himself!

FULL METAL SHOP: Our table leg options can be found on our metal shop page, remember that we can also fabricate custom designs. On site we have a lathe, milling machine, anvil, and forge. Fabrication of any design, no matter the complexity, a design will be exactly as intended, from drawing board to reality. Awesome options like new iron, straight hot or cold rolled, and old iron, your projects will come to life with masterful craftsmanship. including metal finishing options, be it paint custom color, patina, or powder coating. 

CUSTOM FURNITURE:  We work with our clients, be it consumers, hospitality professionals, or architects – to design and create beautiful custom furniture, literally using any selection of materials. We've worked with local restaurants, companies, and homeowners to create and deliver unique furniture made from local NYC materials, creating timeless pieces and saving a little piece of history.  For consumers, If you're feeling adventurous, we even offer a "Do It Yourself" option for you to partake in a bit of the process! 

Our bandsaw mill can cut 46" wide and 45' long, allowing us to build almost anything you can think of.  

RECLAIMED BOARDS:  200,000 linear feet and counting, from ten buildings, and counting. We love receiving daily requests about rescuing more vintage lumber from old and historic buildings, from all over NYC – traveling directly to the demolition site to document and gather these great materials, allowing anyone to incorporate a little bit of NYC history into a project. 

STUMPS AND FLARES:  Versatile and interesting statement pieces, received daily from local NYC tree cutters. Great for local wood turners, artists, and even amateurs! Looking for the perfect organic coffee table or center piece for your office or studio, please take a look at our stumps and flares inventory.

KILN DRYING: We are thrilled to announce that we now are the proud owners of a 45' long, high cube reefer container kiln that is able to dry 5000 b.f. of hardwood at one time!  After milling and air-drying, our wood is kiln dried unless specified otherwise by request.  We also have not one, but two greenhouses (each 100'L x 30'W) to store some of our milled wood - one designated for walnut only. With the largest selection of wood slabs in a 100-mile radius, we are sure to have what you need.  Drop us a line!

OTHER SERVICES: If needed we can handle large, heavy boards, with our facility being capable of planing 36"W, joining at  30"W, and can mill logs up to 45"W x 45'L.  We sand, finish, and have a full metal shop.  Check out our full list of services, and contact us with your inquiries.