s l a b s  :  c h e r r y

Cherry (Prunus Serotina)    

Tree:  Can grow up to 100 ft., with a diameter of 4 to 5 ft.
Wood:  Sapwood is light yellow and the heartwood is brownish with a greenish tinge, darkening to a deep reddish brown with golden luster when exposed.  It is of medium density, firm and strong, with a fine, uniform texture.  The grain is generally straight.
Working Properties:  Cherry is easy to work, finishes smoothly and is dimensionally stable. It can be sawn cleanly, turned well, and planed excellently.
Uses:  Fine furniture, printing and engraving blocks, patterns, professional and scientific instruments, piano actions, handles, wooden ware, toys, and speciality times.

s l a b    i n v e n t o r y

Milled Date: August 2013
Approx Size: 12'L x 13"W x 2"D
Provenance:  New Jersey
Yielded Slabs: 7
Description: Cherry crotch
Catalog #CH_2

Milled Date: August 2013
Approx Size: 13"L x 18"W x 2"D
Yielded Slabs: 7
Description: Beautifully curved
Catalog #CH_1


Date Sourced: 
Milled Date:   12/2015
Approx Size:  8'L x 30"W
Description:   Natural cavity, rich, warm color.
Yielded Slabs:  8
Catalog #CH_3