o t h e r   s e r v i c e s

We provide a variety of lumber-related services, all listed below.  For other inquiries, please contact us, we're sure we can help you solve your wood-related needs. Please note that in addition to our Hartsdale milling facility,  we now offer mobile, on-site milling by way of our LT-40 Woodmizer sawmill.  



  Milling | Flattening | Planing | Bookmatching | Sanding | Finishing | Edge joining




We rent out our furniture for use in movie sets, photo shoots, parties, dinners and other events. If you are looking to showcase local wood crafted by local artisans, give us a call.

Kiln Drying

Now that we offer kiln-dried lumber, we have allotted a certain amount of space for kiln-drying services.