R  e  l  e  a  s  e   t  h  e   A  r  t  i  s  a  n   W  i  t  h  i  n

NYCitySlab offers a "Do It Yourself" or DIY program for those curious enough to try.  Spend a day transforming a local tree into a beautiful piece of furniture.  This program has been a great exercise for roommates, couples, friends, and team building projects for companies.  For a DIY fee plus the cost of a slab of your choosing, up to two people have the use of our space, two sanders, sandpaper, hand tools, and finishes.  You put in sweat equity and TLC.  We also have a full metal shop and can provide you with legs or a base for your table.  Please direct all DIY inquiries to us via email at info@nycityslab.com

First DIYers of the 2015-2016 winter season. Great results for both couples.






Bill and his family love the fruits of his labor (and labor it is!)


Cristina and Andrew working it out!

Black Walnut Office Desk

Live Edge Maple Coffee Table

Ambrosia Maple Kitchen L-Counter



Reclaimed Wood Conference Table


Memorial Day DIY 2014
We had a busy day with different groups of people working on 5 different projects.  Great people, great weather, gorgeous wood and stunning end products!






















Great family project for Greta and her wonderful kids.  They made a beautiful coffee table.




Stunning Ambrosia Maple table and bench. Kristina spent many hours sanding this to perfection. 


Read our DIY fact sheet, below. We'd love to have you join us for a fun-filled day.