c u s t o m   f u r n i t u r e

What's your dream?  Our yard is stocked with over 25 species of local New York City and Northeast Native trees.  We are also continuously collecting vintage boards from construction sites all over the city.  We have an in-house welding shop to help you create the look that you've been dreaming of.  With these great materials, we can work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.


our commercial gallery


our residential gallery

S O U R C E S:  We deal with over 30 tree companies (small and large), city parks and home owners.  

G R E A T   S T O R I E S:  We save trees from parks and yards that would otherwise be turned into firewood or mulch.  Homeowners often contact us to help them salvage a tree that they've known their whole lives, but that has become ill and requires removal.  We save these trees and transform them into something that can last a lifetime.