w a t e r  t a n k  w o o d


Water tanks are ubiquitous on the NYC skyline and while they may look like some bloated out-of-date artifact from a bygone era, millions of residents get their drinking water from tanks everyday.

In the 1800s as buildings in NYC grew taller than six stories, the main water infrastructure couldn't handle the water pressure. Water towers were added to move water safely to floors above the sixth.  Today, there are about 10,000 to 15,000 functioning water tanks in NYC.  Simple in construction, water tanks are usually made of wood (although modern-day tanks can also be constructed of other materials such as steel). Wood, acting as a natural insulator, prevents water from freezing in the winter.  No sealants or chemicals are used in order not to taint the water supply.  The useful span of a water tank is about 30 years.  

NYCItySlab has recently acquired water tank wood to add to its stable of reclaimed woods.  While these Redwood and Cedar planks are not nearly as old as some of our other reclaimed woods, they are as much a part of NYC's history as anything we have in our inventory. We are eager to start working this wood and look forward to creating beautiful and exciting pieces.  Please inquire about our redwood and cedar water tank woods at info@nycityslab.com